Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Shadow Enterprise
Full Body Wrap.

I would never do anything to a customer’s vehicle that I wouldn’t do to my own.

Mark Gee, Owner/General Manager.

Flathead Beverage
You cannot believe the number of praises we receive every time we pull out of our facility. We have never had any piece fall off, even after cleaning. Thanks for the great product; it was a pleasure working with your team. 

Donald Dulle Jr., President—Flathead Beverage

American Flood Doctor
The half-wrap on our van has been instrumental in the quick take off of our company and its image. Shadow Enterprises did an exceptional Job from the beginning design to flawless installation and we look forward to working with them again and again as our fleet grows.

Dennis Bee, Owner—American Flood Doctor
Montana Raceway Park
The installation was so good, it been tough explaining to everyone that it is not paint!  What a great way to promote our hobby and the track itself by reminding people how much fun this sport is every time they spot the truck.  Thanks again guys for your expertise and friendly service. 

Justin Rody, Manager—Montana Raceway Park

Why Choose Shadow Line X?

Designed right the first time.  Our team will work with you to find options for your vehicle that you can get excited about. From a lineX lining to make your favorite toy last a lifetime, to a complete vehicle package so people notice you every time, we know what can be done and we’ve about done it all. We help our customers make good decisions about what to do, and, what not to do. “I would never do anything to a customer’s vehicle that I wouldn’t do to my own,” Mark Gee, Owner/General Manager.

Installed right the first time.  A huge portion of our business is fixing jobs for customers that they started themselves. Not to mention the time they wasted, customers typically ruin or damage the materials they’re trying to apply. We do the best we can to minimize their losses and try to salvage the situation for them. This of course pales in comparison to the money they would have saved had they hired us in the first place.

A fair price is just enough so we can still be here to serve the customer when they come back. And we know we’ll see our customers back because they are given fair prices, and because our materials and craftsmanship last a lifetime. While we don’t try to be the cheapest gig in town, we strive to be fair. Also, if we see an opportunity for a customer to save by bundling our products, we offer package discounts. Finally, getting it done right the first time at a fair price is simple the best deal someone can get.